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Moxham’s patented hull design modifies and then manipulates the water flow beneath the craft to generate a hydraulic lift. It also produces better quality water flow across the propellers, increasing grip that in turn ensures enhanced manoeuvrability and a tighter turning with minimal loss of speed. Ultimate Boats said the major practical advantage is the helm operator’s ability to easily maintain a constant visual on the horizon through the hull’s linear transition onto the plane, which is derived by mitigating stern squat and associated bow lift.

In addition, the craft has a substantially lower angle of attack compared to conventional hulls, and its deadrise means that it will slice through rough water without launching and limited slamming. The result is a boat that can operate in rough seas and still provide greater comfort to the occupants.

The RIB has an LOA of 11 metres, a beam of 3.1 metres, a draught of 0.6 metres, a displacement of 2.65 tonnes, and shock-mitigating seats for up to 12 people. The deck has a total area of 13 square metres for accommodating up to 2.05 tonnes of assorted cargo. The wrap-around collar is made from puncture-resistant D-type foam.

Power is provided by two Suzuki outboard engines fed by a 1,000-litre tank. The electronics suite meanwhile includes a Raymarine radar and displays and a Teledyne FLIR rotating thermal camera.

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