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Ultimate Boats: High-Performance Craft for the Ultimate Mission

At Ultimate Boats we pride ourselves on being the leading manufacturer of high-performance crafts. With a range of six models of boats that cater to the needs of various industries and water activities from commercial and military operations to search and rescue missions. Ultimate Boats offers reliable and versatile vessels that can handle any task with ease.

One of the first boats we built in our range was our C-Class, also known as The Coastal. Designed as an all-weather, road-towable vessel the Coastal is perfect for rapid launch and recovery operations. It features a 4-6 person wheel-house and offers exceptional seakeeping and reliable directional stability making it a top choice for all-weather operations.

For military and police personnel the M-Class also known as Multi-Mission is the next generation of military rib boats. It offers unparalleled functionality and high-end specifications which makes it the perfect choice for transporting troops, conducting clandestine operations, or conducting rescue missions. With unparalleled support from the Moxham hull, the M-Class offers exceptional safety and comfort in even the toughest seas. It boasts a walking passage on each side of the cabin to allow easy access from the foredeck to the aft deck.

The O-Class, which is known as The Offshore, is a high-performance craft that pushes the boundaries of design and functionality. It is precision-engineered as the ultimate "heavy-lift" commercial vessel, with an immersive interior space that comfortably accommodates 8-12 occupants. With a wider cabin, the O-

Class has access to the aft deck and foredeck with ease by using doors at the bow and stern of the cabin. It’s exceptional handling and remarkable stability make the Offshore deliver a safe and agile boating experience in all weather conditions.

For those who require an open boat that can handle the toughest seas, the P-Class, also known as The Professional, is the perfect solution. Available in three task-specific editions, the P-Class is intelligently designed to operate offshore in rough seas. The P-Class can be configured with interchangeable shock mitigation seating and the ability to handle varying payloads with anchor points to the deck. The exceptional use of John Moxham’s hull delivers intuitive handling and directional stability, ensuring a smooth and safe ride no matter what the conditions.

The S-Class, also known as Seafari, is the perfect vessel for those who love to operate tours or explore the open sea. With its safe and practical design, the Seafari offers exceptional handling and performance, making it perfect for leisure activities such as tours, transport, or cruising. It features a spacious deck space and can comfortably accommodate up to 14 passengers.

Lastly, the SAR, also known as the Search and Rescue, is designed to handle the most challenging recovery and rescue missions. It features an ergonomic console and shock mitigation seating, making it ideal for swift water rescue operations due to its ease of use and safety for the occupants. Using the exceptional Moxham Hull means our Search and Rescue vessels deliver unmatched stability and directional control, ensuring a safe and reliable ride no matter the conditions.

At Ultimate Boats our range of high-performance crafts caters for most water industries. Whether you require a vessel for commercial or military operations, search and rescue missions, or leisure activities, Ultimate Boats has a model that will meet your needs. With exceptional seakeeping, reliable directional stability, and innovative features, Ultimate Boats is the ultimate choice.

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