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Sustainability in Boat Manufacturing: How Scotland's Boat Builders are Going Green

Sustainability is a growing concern for many industries, and boat manufacturing is no exception. As the impacts we are having on the environment increase more boat builders are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Standard materials used when building boats such as GRP, steel and aluminium have a high cost on the environment as there are many resources that are needed to produce them. However, many manufacturers are now turning to more sustainable materials. Materials like DANU from Exo Technologies have unique characteristics such as strength and resistance to degradation that make it the perfect application for boat building.

One of our missions at Ultimate Boats is to think about and improve the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes and as a company, we are now looking at ways to make boats that are more sustainable in use. This includes designing boats that increase their energy efficiencies by reducing fuel consumption and in turn reducing running costs.

Being sustainable and thinking about our impact on the environment is an increasingly important issue for the boat building industry, and Scottish boat builders like Ultimate Boats are at the forefront of efforts to reduce their environmental impact. From the use of circular materials like DANI to efforts to improve energy and water efficiency we are showing that it is possible to build boats in an environmentally responsible way.

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