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Southampton International Boat Show 2021 has been a successful 10 days for Glasgow boat builder, The Ultimate Boat Company (UBC).

Dawning on Friday 10th September with the world launch of the O-CLASS and X-CLASS, guests and press alike were treated to an introduction of these innovative vessels. Accompanied by Jeroen Watts, Technical & Innovation Director and John Moxham, naval architect and designer of the Moxham hull, the 13m O-CLASS and 11m X-CLASS were open to view and experience. A presentation by Jeroen showcased the revolutionary material DANU, a recyclable composite developed by UBC’s parent company ExoTechnologies. The marine variant of DANU, ExoMarineTM, will be available for UBC’s high-performance hulls as an alternative to glass reinforced plastic (GRP).

After the success of Friday, the interest continued throughout the show. The eye-catching performance of twin Suzuki DF350A’s around the Southampton powerboat testing area drew many interested parties to the berth of the X-CLASS. With Colin MacAndrew at the helm, the X-CLASS completed over 60 trips around the testing area, some 150 nautical miles. Many were greatly impressed with the performance and capabilities of the Moxham hull, leaving lots of positive feedback.

Several special guests were also treated to the spectacle of the X-CLASS. Andy Jordan from Made In Chelsea and Emily Warburton-Adams from POW Foods and Below The Deck both enjoyed a trip out. President of British Marine Ian Cooke and Leader of Southampton City Council Daniel Fitzhenry were keen to meet John Moxham and learn more the about Southampton-based naval architect. Finally, renowned champion yachtsman Mike Golding also joined Colin and Jeroen for a look at this innovative vessel.

The O-CLASS drew the interest of commercial operators at the show, each presenting a new challenge to test the capabilities of the vessel. With the high-performance hull, shock mitigating technology, 2.5 tonne loading capacity and cargo rail system within the cabin, the O-CLASS was identified by many as a possible future addition to their business.

None were happier at the success of the Southampton Boat Show than John Moxham himself. John was continually involved in discussions with prospective customers and guests throughout the show. He never tied of being onboard either vessel, with his passion for his design clear to see.

Further information on any vessels UBC offers can be obtained from

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