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Revolutionizing Rib Boat Design: The Innovative V-Shaped Hulls of Ultimate Boats

When it comes to designing the perfect boat, few can match the expertise of John Moxham, Chief Designer at Ultimate Boats. With a background in both the maritime and aircraft industry, John brings a unique perspective to the design of our hull, drawing parallels between the aerodynamics of an aircraft and the hydrodynamics of a boat.

One of the key features of John's designs is the hydraulic lift generated by the design of the deep-V hull, which sets Ultimate Boats apart from our competitors. Unlike traditional rib boats John's designs make use of the water itself, creating lift and reducing drag in the process.

This innovative approach was inspired by the American Valkyrie bomber, which features wingtips that droop downwards vertically. This design element helps to compress the air under the wing, allowing the aircraft to fly faster and more efficiently. John realized that a similar concept could be applied to boats, creating a more efficient and stable vessel.

Over the years, John has refined his designs, experimenting with different hull shapes and features to achieve the perfect balance of speed, stability, and efficiency. Eventually hitting the perfect design which was tested and proven through a series of tests on a radio-controlled model boat.

But the hull is not the only feature that makes an Ultimate Boat stand out. Additional features such as self-draining decks, ergonomically designed consoles, high gunwales, and a foam D-Collar which gives extra deck space are also part of the package. These features provide added comfort and safety for passengers and make the Ultimate Boats a unique choice among boat owners and operators.

At Ultimate Boats, we're proud to offer a range of rib boats that feature John's innovative hull designs as well as additional advanced features that set our boats apart. Whether you're looking for a fast, efficient vessel for load carrying with spacious cabins for crew transport come and speak to us.

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