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Revolutionary Rib Boats: The Ultimate Choice

Ultimate Boats is pushing the boundaries of what a rib boat can be with their 11-meter O-Class high-performance craft. Designed by renowned designer John Moxham, this vessel's hull is a unique feature that sets it apart from the competition.

One of the key features of the O-Class is its hull, designed by John Moxham. This 11-metre hull is unique to Ultimate Boats and utilizes heavy reverse chines to create a hydraulic lift effect. This not only increases the lift, but also makes the vessel incredibly fuel efficient. Additionally, the deep V hull provides excellent offshore capabilities.

Another unique aspect of the O-Class is its transition onto the plane from displacement to planing speeds. Unlike many other boats, the O-Class has a low bow attitude, which allows for great visibility at all speeds.

Ultimate Boats also utilizes a special material called DANU, supplied by our sister company Exo Technologies. This circular recyclable material makes the O-Class not only eco-friendly but also allows for the raw components to be separated at the end of the boat's life and used to make another vessel.

The O-Class also boasts a number of other features, such as grab rails and side steps on the roof for easy access to the life raft and other equipment, as well as a self-draining deck and a sea-glaze door for added seaworthiness. Additionally, we have designed and manufactured fold-down seats for temporary seating and extra crew members.

Inside the cabin, the O-Class offers a sense of spaciousness with frameless windows, roof lights, and a hatch in the stern for ventilation and emergency escape. The boat is also fitted with SHOX shock mitigation seats and an ergonomically designed helm station with a high backrest seat, pop and slide windows, and a tall electronics cabinet for easy accessibility.

At the bow of the O-Class, the first thing you'll notice is the door, which provides easy access to the bow area. This feature eliminates the need to walk on the side tubes and increases safety when navigating in rough seas. Standard on all of our boats, the steps at the front of the bow are incorporated, which gives you a large anchor locker and storage underneath. The large windows provide great visibility and there is a remote control spotlight and a spotlight for the fore deck. On this particular vessel, we've designed bow steps for boarding. They have removable handholds and make it easy to board other vessels. Our clients use this feature to come alongside other boats and take people on and off.

Another notable feature of the O-Class is the foam Kevlar reinforced polyurethane collar that replaces the traditional inflatable tube. This material is much more durable and puncture-resistant than inflatable tubes, and it ensures that the boat is incredibly durable.

In conclusion, the 11 metre O-Class from Ultimate Boats is a high-performance vessel that is designed to meet the needs of commercial boat operators. Its unique features, including the hull design, the use of DANU material, and the foam Kevlar-reinforced polyurethane collar, make it a fuel-efficient and durable boat that is perfect for offshore use. For more information, please visit our website or give us a call.

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