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Resin Infusion in Marine Applications: A Key to Building Lightweight and Durable Boats

The boat and maritime industry are always looking for innovative new ways to build boats that are lightweight, strong and durable. One of the most promising techniques for achieving these goals is resin infusion using our patented material DANU. Resin infusion is a process that allows composite materials to be infused with resin under vacuum pressure, which creates a strong, lightweight composite part that is built to last.

The main benefit of using resin infusion techniques with DANU is our ability to produce parts with a higher strength-to-weight ratio. This is accomplished by infusing the composite material DANU with resin, which fills the voids between the fibres and creates a stronger composite part. This leads to a reduction in weight and improved strength, which is critical in maritime applications where weight is a major factor to control buoyancy.

The Resin infusion process is also a cost-effective method for creating parts for marine applications. The process of infusion with DANU is a relatively simple one. It allows for faster and more efficient production, particularly when producing large numbers of parts. Additionally, the improved properties of DANU parts such as improved strength-to-weight ratio and durability also may result in a longer lifespan for the boats which can lead to further cost savings.

Resin infusion, particularly using DANU as a composite material is a powerful technique for creating parts for our range of Ultimate Boats. The process allows components with consistent quality, which makes it an ideal choice for boat manufacturing.

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