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PS Comet: The Groundbreaking Boat That Changed History

The PS Comet was one of the most significant boats in Scottish history built by Henry Bell in 1812. This paddle steamer was the first commercially successful passenger steamboat, revolutionizing water transport in Scotland and beyond. The boat was not only important for its technical innovations but also for its cultural significance and impact on the UK economy that’s why at Ultimate Boats the PS Comet has been a source of inspiration.

We called our first 13m O-Class Comet as a tribute because we believe that its legacy should live on. We aim to continue pushing the boundaries of boat manufacturing just as Henry Bell did almost 200 years ago.

The PS Comet was built in Port Glasgow, just across the River Clyde from Clydebank where Ultimate Boats is based. It was a small boat measuring only 30 feet long but packed with revolutionary features for the time. Bell's design included a novel engine and paddlewheel configuration, which allowed the boat to travel faster and more efficiently than any other boat of the time.

PS Comet was launched on August 18, 1812, and marked a significant milestone in the history of Scottish transport and kickstarted the growth of tourism in Scotland as people travelled to see the country's beautiful scenery and historic landmarks.

Bell's design was so successful that other boat manufacturers soon copied it, and paddle steamers became ubiquitous throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. It was also the first steamboat to carry mail, a significant development for the UK postal service.

At Ultimate Boats, we are proud to carry on the legacy of the PS Comet. We understand the importance of innovation and quality in boat manufacturing and strive to embody these principles in all our designs and products to continue the tradition of excellence that Henry Bell started almost 200 years ago.

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