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The Boat Builder Awards

We have just received the incredibly exciting news that The Ultimate Boat Company has been shortlisted for the Environmental Initiative Award at the Metstrade 2021 Boat Builder Awards sponsored by Confindustria Nautica.

Over the last eighteen months, we have been working closely with ExoTechnologies and their breakthrough composite material of exceptional strength capable of being recovered, recycled and reused repeatedly called DANU™ to develop a solution for the maritime industry. This solution is called ExoMarine™.

ExoMarine™ represents a ‘fit for purpose’ and viable solution in response to this global ecological crisis by providing an accelerated green transition to a circular economy for the maritime industry.

Our development project has created a full-scope “pathway” for boat manufacturers using conventionally infused composite material to rapidly transition to ExoMarine™ without the requirement for extra investment in production methods or resulting in a material increase in the cost price of the end product.

To learn more about ExoMarine™ follow this link:

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