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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Introducing the Hebrides Edition: a true jewel in the Offshore Class collection. More than just a vessel for adventure, the Hebrides perfectly balances comfort, space, and quality, all wrapped up in a rugged exterior. This is not just a voyage, it's an expedition - a statement in maritime innovation, showcasing the pinnacle of Offshore High Performance Craft design. Precision-crafted, the Hebrides expands the horizons of design and functionality.

Venture into the embrace of the Offshore O-Class, a transformative vessel featuring innovative interior spaces. Expertly crafted, the Hebrides offers a superior journey even in the most challenging conditions. Its state-of-the-art wheelhouse cabin comfortably houses 8-12 passengers, while the generous deck space can effortlessly handle large cargo loads.

The Hebrides Edition embodies a unique blend of boldness and sophistication. Experience the Offshore Class stellar handling, unparalleled seakeeping, and extraordinary stability, ensuring a thrilling yet secure journey in any weather. Embrace the future of maritime engineering and set sail with the Hebrides Edition. 


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