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Ultimate Boats produce the next generation of Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB or rib boat) by sourcing the best multinational talent, components, and industry-leading techniques our "Ultimate" objective is a simple one; to redefine and set the standard what a rib boat is. 

" We don’t just build boats, we build Ultimate Boats and they're Ultimate for a Reason. "

From our patented John Moxham Hull (a masterfully designed hull that offers all of our rib boats superior handling capabilities and unmatched shock mitigation) to the innovative introduction of DANU™ (a fully-circular high-strength material revolutionizing the lifespan and sustainability of a hull like nothing else available), all our rhibs are produced in-house by our team of highly talented craftsmen, engineers, and technicians. By adopting technological advances and using cutting-edge construction methodologies, our state-of-the-art process is applied from inception to launch delivering unique and spacious rib boat designs unparalleled in the global market. That's why we are the ultimate choice in military rhibs, offshore rhibs, cabin rhibs, sea safari rhibs.

Ultimate Quality, Ultimate Power, Ultimate Boats.


Ultimate Vision


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At Ultimate Boats we source the highest quality components from some of the industry's leading suppliers. 

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